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Terms of Service







The Panel

"The service", "The panel", "This panel" refers to this donation platform on this specific domain and may not be confused as anything else.   


"Us", "We", "Our", "Senertia" all refer to Senertia as a community. The staff of Senertia are blatant on the discord and will stay staff for this period of time. A person may be interested in becoming apart of staff but does not guarantee that person will become staff. Due to demand, regulation, and size. Donation to the server does not put you higher on a "staff list", a donation to the community is a donation to the community; we don't look for people who donate to us, although we wholeheartedly appreciate them for supporting our server and we have an insurmountable amount of respect and fondness for those who donate, that unfortunately does not put you higher on a list for staff.


The packages we offer for any server is considered a donation to our community. Any package you purchase is a reward for donating. Purchasing a package does not give you any privileges that aren't already stated in the package. Such privileges are never given with any package including but not limited to Admin, any power greater than a normal community member, support, etc. If there is an issue with any of our packages, please contact support by contacting us through our website or on discord. Issues do happen and if any issue does come up we will try to the best of our abilities to resolve it with you.


We do not offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one, as in; If we, the owners, or the service make a mistake we will refund you based upon a decision made there and then. Otherwise, refunds are improbable, the kit you purchased for maybe changed but never deleted. Refunds that are done in the form of PayPal Chargebacks(or any equivalent method) will result in immediate removal of the package, an unappealable permeant ban, and the fullest extent of our abilities to ensure the Chargeback fails and we get to keep all currency obtained. Agreeing to the ToS, you agree that refunds are improbable and if you face a genuine issue you will contact support and attempt to compromise with us.

Grandfather Packages

In the future development of our community and our donation page, you must acknowledge the packages may be altered in ways that help the gameplay of the server. It could either buff or nerf the package. Any packages you purchased before a change, maybe altered, you will not be Grandfathered in(unless in cases where we deem fit). Agreeing to the ToS, you acknowledge that the package you purchase may be altered at a future date and due to your prior knowledge, you will not receive a refund for altered packages.


In the context of our donation system, we refer to Chargebacks as the PayPal action of charging back a transaction. Normally Chargebacks are used against fraud but it can be used to force a refund. Issuing a chargeback either after not contacting us, or failing to agree to negotiation is not allowed and will be taken seriously and to the fullest extent. All chargebacks are considered an attack on our financial integrity by abusing the chargeback system PayPal uses. Due to the nature of all chargebacks, you will be stripped of any packages with no intention to refund, with short further investigation, you will be permanently banned.   Any chargeback that you attempt is inexcusable and will result in a permanent ban from all Senertia servers. Agreeing to the ToS, you agree not to chargeback the service unfairly, in such a way that you refuse to contact us or we don't believe that you deserve a refund based on the situation.

Permanent Ban from (any) Senertia Servers.

If you are permanently banned from Senertia Servers, for any reason not specific to any criteria, you will not receive a refund for any packages you had purchased previous of the ban. A ban from one server will carry on to the other server, meaning a server-wide ban. All packages you have purchased may not go to another entity or person. You may not be able to repurchase packages again under a different account, in such instances but not limited to Chargebacks.

Agreeing to the ToS, you agree to all terms and conditions stated here.